The Research Phase

5 Phases of Design Thinking_1



Challenges can come in many different forms whether determining if the earth is round or flat, or if poverty can ever be defeated. As a group, our critical thinking skills instead of attacking immediately. We propose a set of questions to comprehend our opponent, in this case the bathrooms. Numerous questions from curious students came forth and each one dissected the issue from a new angle. Each students’ method was distinct from one another. And that’s the beauty of it.

Some students wanted to get to know the people behind the problem first. Alexis said, “We should ask other people who face this problem everyday such as the janitors.”

Other students were more focused on the message about the bathrooms. “We need new ways to inform our students and staff that bathrooms are meant to be a safe haven.” From Alexis’ interview methods to Kamryn’s approach. Our plan is ready and aiming to the ocean’s mirror and we for sure are landing among the stars.


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