How Might We… Brainstorming our Design Challenge

Framing Our Design Challenge
This week, we brainstormed the biggest issues with the bathrooms–the overarching problem we want to solve.

Brainstorming the biggest isseus

After we voted on the problems we felt were the most important, we realized some issues could be grouped together.

  1. Overcrowded – too many students, too few stalls
  2. Lack of privacy -locks that don’t lock and large gaps between stalls
  3. Cleanliness -students are being disrespectful, things are breaking and the stench is not good

With our problems now narrowed down, we chose to focus on an area that we could have the most impact: cleanliness.

Notes from Bathroom brainstorm
Notes from our “How Might We…” brainstorm session

This is the design challenge question we landed on as our brainstorm came to an end:

How might we educate students about restroom policies and enforce them? 

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