Meeting with an Expert from TXRX Labs

After we presented our research to Joseph Miller from TXRX labs, he connected our ideas with two inspiring art movements:

  1. San Francisco’s Mission District Graffiti
    Today the Mission district in California features the highest concentration of street art in the world, though it wasn’t always that way.  At one time, graffiti tagging and disrespect filled the streets. During the 1930s, the Work’s Progress Administration (WPA) employed artists to paint murals in the streets. President Roosevelt hoped the art would boost moral and instill pride in local and national history.  The murals sparked an artistic movement where people began respecting the walls as spaces for artistic expression, not vandalism.
  2. Alex Goss’s bathroom exhibition “May Can Will”
    Local Houston artist Alex Goss recognized bathrooms as a fascinating intersection between public and private space. Going into a stall to use a bathroom is inherently private, and yet it happens in a space that a community of people share. Goss’s exhibit featured a keen attention to detail; using every surface in the bathroom for art. From smiley faces on nails to interactive mirrors with inspirational messages, Goss embraces the restroom as a opportunity for artistic expression.



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