Rapid Prototyping Session

Creativity in Action

After some meditation and our 30 circle sketch exercise, the creative energy in the room was flowing.

We first reframed our design challenges:

  1. How might we unite everyone at Northside?
  2. How might we make the bathrooms a more private and comfortable experience?

Then, we created our first sketches of our ideas for solutions. Next week, we’ll be showing these sketches to students and teachers for feedback!

Using Humor to Connect
Today we also talked about two ways to motivate people to be respectful.
1.You can be strict, make rules, and reprimand those that violate them. Or…
2. You can be funny, witty, and invest others in the culture as a way to inspire them to take care of things.

The idea of using humor like memes and funny sayings on the walls got everyone jazzed up. Excited to see where this inspiration and energy will take us!


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