Just Doing the Work

It’s easy to talk. 

For months now, we’ve been talking about this problem…why are the bathrooms an uncomfortable, smelly place? A place where girls can’t find feminine products or privacy. A place where boys pee on walls and organize underground fight clubs.

We’ve talked about these problems for hours on end and filled sheet after sheet with post-it notes of ideas. We’ve interviewed teachers, fellow students, and even our janitors.

Now, we must do the hard thing. It’s time to do the work. 

This is a life lesson, one that you will encounter time and time again in college and the real world. It’s easy to listen, talk, take notes. The hard part is doing the work that challenges you to use your creative energy, your focus, and everything you have to make the shared vision a reality.

If you spend all your time talking and not doing, the problem doesn’t get solved. Life continues as it was. Broken, smelly, uncomfortable.

The reason we’re all part of this team is because we accepted the challenge to solve a big problem. It’s a hard task. One that has the potential to impact the teachers, students, janitors, and staff at our school in our positive way.

We can’t give up now. Let’s push forward. I believe in every one of you, which is why I asked each of you to take on one piece of the project today. The only way we’ll succeed is if everyone excels and delivers.

  • Thanks Erika and Alexis, for working on the janitor video with focus and a real attention to detail. +
  • Thanks Cristobal and Jordan, for organizing all of the computers and getting our web pages in order +
  • Thank you Kam, for displaying leadership in stepping up during the improv instructions. +
  • Thank you Robert, for showing up today and deciding you want to be part of this team. +
  • Thank you Kevin, for editing the blog and adding your voice to our narrative. +
  • Thank you Stephanie, for always being willing to accept a challenge and figure it out. +
  • Thanks Samuel and Roberto, for sticking with us and starting your letter to the boxing gym, even though it was killing you to see other students playing soccer outside. +
  • Thanks Andrea and Dana, for taking charge in writing the letter to Always and finding where to send it. I have full faith you girls can do this. +

None of your effort goes unnoticed. Keep giving, working, and doing. We will go far together, I promise you this.

With love,

Ms. L

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