Today was another meeting in the process of executing our plan and ideas to make our school a better place. Like most of our meetings, we initiated with simple yet entertaining improv games. Our new recruit, Noah Olvera, is now our new team captain (congratulations, please be part of the team until senior year).

During our improv games, we got to share our laughs and jitters before getting down to business. After the games, we gathered around a single table and listened to Mrs. Sawa (Congrats to the newlywed!) talk about how to approach the restroom problem and get Noah motivated to help us. Idea after idea, goal after goal, we began to discuss how to address the problem to the student body at YES Prep Northside.

Mrs. Sawa displayed the video we made last year to Noah and Robert. Both were moved by the effort and the ongoing theme that the team was able to illuminate. After the video, we ventured to the library due to our room being occupied by teachers. From there, Mrs. Sawa had us get into groups and photograph the flaws that our local bathrooms had. We found crappy mishaps: gaps in stalls, spitballs on the walls, overflowing trash, and so many more. From these findings, we were able to move forward to our next step: problem-solving.

Creatively, each student went their separate ways–Noah suggested that we should greet the janitors, and Erika mentioned decorating our restrooms with students’ work to create an elevated atmosphere to hinder mistreatment. All in all, we ended with a 3-minute meditation which felt like a forever. Refreshed and awake, we are bound to make our school pristine on budget.

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